Peckover House


I love to get lost in these beauteous houses belonging to The National Trust. I went to Peckover House in Wisbech on a normal Sunday and it was there that I meet Stacey Evans.

Peckover1 She was there baking scones in the same way as they used to do in the Georgian Era. The kitchen is just spectacular with all the utensils that you need for cooking and baking.

Cambridge cakes

I struck up a conversation with Tracy about how nice it must be to bake in such a wonderful kitchen. Imagine how thrilled I was when she asked if I would like to come back another day and bake and decorate one of my cakes there.

A few weeks later I returned and was surprised to be handed a period costume to wear in the kitchen. Needless to say I haven’t posted a photo of this! Feeling a little bit foolish I set about decorating my Classic Vanilla Cupcakes and the Buttercream Ruffle Cake.


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