Pricing depends on quantities ordered and intricacy of the design desired. For more detailed pricing, please email me with the number of servings required and the type of cake you are interested in.


Cupcakes start from  £2.50 (minimum order of 12 cupcakes)

Cupcakes  with  “exclusive design”  toppers start from £3.50

(minimum order of 6 cupcakes)


Buttercream ruffle cakes start from £45 for a 6″ round sponge. ( 16 portions ).

Celebration cakes start from £65 for a 7″ round sponge. ( 20 portions )

Wedding cakes one tier from £110 for a 7″ round sponge (24 portions)

Peony cake or two tier wedding cakes £225 for a 7″+ 4″ round sponge ( 8+24= 34 portions)